Frequently Asked Questions


Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the search process. We aim to offer transparency and insight into how we work with our clients in a partnership. As a potential client considering our services and wanting to know what you can expect, this FAQ is designed to understand our approach more clearly, including the most important key elements that contribute to the effectiveness and satisfaction of our executive search experience.

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service that recruits highly qualified executive and senior-level candidates across various sectors. An executive search provider also seeks out highly skilled roles, typically for those very competitive in the job market- acting as an extension to the company’s HR/Recruiting/Talent Acquisition function, providing a holistic hiring solution.​

Seeking help with a search process can save you time and resources, ensure a smoothly facilitated hiring process, and increase the quality of your candidate. Previous challenges with unsuccessful hiring experiences can lead you to work with a professional search firm. Perhaps you have experienced a scarcity of qualified applicants and unsuccessful attempts to find suitable candidates through personal and professional networks.

A good and simple way to start is by asking your professional network for recommendations and creating a shortlist of 1-3 search firms to meet with.

When meeting with potential search firms, you can assess their familiarity with your industry or related industries and experience with the functional area. You would want to understand their search process and approach to finding candidates. Knowing the search firms’ team, their background, and experience can also play a part.

A success briefing comes down to how well you brief them. So, be internally aligned or bring others from your organization to the briefing meeting. During the briefing, prioritize transparency. Share a concise job description and consider providing relevant presentations or materials. Actively engage in the briefing process to provide essential information. Discuss the role, challenges, organizational characteristics, and. what a successful candidate could look like. These steps set the stage for a productive start with your search firm.

The main elements of the Search Process will include the following steps:

  • Briefing meeting with our client regarding the role
  • Personality profiling of hiring manager to ensure match to candidates
  • Preparation of a list of primary target companies
  • Weekly or biweekly review with our client profiles to ensure alignment and progress
  • Candidate screening by Peoplement (video or face2face, sometimes both)
  • A final 2-4 candidates motivated for a first interview, each presented with our observations in a candidate report, including a CV and possible personality profile.
  • Candidate presentations 1 and II to the client (of which 2nd presentation with a business case presentation personality profile assessment can be before 1st presentation)
  • Conduct detailed reference checks for the final candidate.
  • Participate in final negotiations, if appropriate and needed
  • Follow up with the client and select the candidate after the start date in the position to assist in onboarding the candidate into the new position and the client’s organization.

Peoplement approaches recruitment with a consultative mindset, fostering close collaboration with our clients. We have a partnership-oriented approach, and we like to gain insight into your unique situation and requirements, laying the foundation for long-term success. We encourage our clients to provide us with a comprehensive understanding of their company’s direction, whether it involves scaling, international expansion, or a shift in competencies.

Regarding the role, we engage in explorative discussions with our clients to identify the ideal background, past successful career experiences, and achievements that align with your company’s needs and ambitions. We aim to communicate the role and your company’s journey and values professionally and persuasively, presenting a nuanced perspective of the position. To ensure a thorough and effective process, we assemble a team of at least two consultants dedicated to the assignment.

We have an internal discussion and brainstorming regarding the role with the rest of the Peoplement team as we have different experiences and backgrounds to bring into the search; this includes network contacts, target companies, and discussions around how to approach the candidate profiles. People’s team works collaboratively on the assignment.

If other search firms have faced challenges in finding suitable candidates, Peoplement proactively investigates the potential reasons behind these issues. Such challenges may arise from the specificity of the candidate profiles or a lack of internal alignment regarding the role and candidate profile. At Peoplement, we prioritize close collaboration with our client to ensure that our search process is precisely aligned with the organization’s needs and the profile realistic to find, thereby enhancing the chances of a successful outcome.

SKAL OPDATERES: Peoplement divides its industry focus into Technology, Biotechnology & Medical Devices, Energy, and Construction. Regarding functional areas, these are Research and Development, Finance, Digital and Technology, Supply Chain and Logistics, Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement, and Quality Control.

We will work with our client to establish a realistic timeline for the recruitment process. We aim to present candidates 4-6 weeks after we start the search process. The quicker we interact, the faster we can go.

Peoplement offers competitive pricing for our search, and we like delivering high-quality search processes. We always agree on a fixed rate. We can provide you with details regarding our fee structure upon request.

We have experience and expertise in handling international recruitment assignments and can assist you in finding candidates globally. Peoplement is the exclusive representative of AltoPartners in Denmark. Founded in 2006, AltoPartners is a leading international alliance of retained boutique entrepreneurial executive search and leadership consulting firms. With more than 60 offices in 40 countries and 350+ consultants and business experts, the AltoPartners Alliance is ranked among the top 10 international executive search firms in the Hunt Scanlon global survey. Peoplement Executive Search and AltoPartners are members of the AESC Association.