Bo Wilchen-Pedersen

Bo Wilchen-Pedersen

Advisory Board member

Bo has always been a keen and busy networker. Throughout his career, Bo has hired +100 candidates. both through its own network and with assistance from various search companies. Bo has 20+ years of experience from the IT consulting industry, and has been CEO of several companies, where he has built and scaled companies. Most recently, Bo was the CEO and owner of BusinessNow, a company he grew over several years that was acquired in 2018 by DXC Technology. Today, Bo is a professional investor and board member and is also involved in various start-up companies.

Bo knows the dynamics of Peoplement’s business from the other side of the table, as BusinessNow was a customer of Peoplement for over 6 years.

As a member of Peoplement’s advisory board, Bo helps develop Peoplement, and is the constructive and challenging sparring partner who, among other things, helps to ensure that we have a strong basis for expanding in a growing and demanding market – both locally and internationally.