Anne Borgen

Partner, Peoplement

Anne is specialized in Executive Search at all levels within RD/digital/IT/Tech/Sales/HR/Finance. She works with international corporations, smaller start-ups, and growing businesses.

Before starting the executive search business, Anne worked with B2B/B2C marketing as Marcoms Manager at BEA Systems (Oracle) and MCI WorldCom UUNet (telco/ISP), which she helped launch in Denmark. She changed career direction into HR, joining as HR Manager at MACH/Syniverse. In this role, she focused on recruitment strategies to support R&D management and foster organizational development.

In 2010, Anne embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, laying the foundation for what would eventually become Peoplement. Her vision was to humanize executive search by adopting a less conventional, more consultative, and holistic approach.

She engages with hiring managers and teams to ensure better matches and outcomes. Anne smoothly navigates the confluence between corporate culture, manager, and candidate. Her finely tuned “human antenna” allows her to grasp technology, comprehend business models, and tackle challenges with creative thinking.