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NKT Photonics A/S is a dynamic, international high-tech company and a leader in the development, building manufacturing and supply of high-performance lasers and photonic crystal fibers.

The headquarter is in Birkerød, Denmark with facilities in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Sweden and China.

The company thrives on its ambitious goal to positively impact humanity through cutting-edge technology

NKT Photonics operate in four main market segments:

  • Medical & Life Science
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Quantum & Nano Tech

NKT Photonics serves a global market with 400+ employees in headquarter, manufacturing sites, sales & service offices, and distributors. The EMEA-region represent 59%, the Americas 23% and APAC countries 18% of total revenue. Revenue is growing 17% per year since 2015.

The Group will continue to grow and strengthen its leading market position thanks to:

  • A comprehensive IP portfolio
  • High barriers to entry from industry incumbents
  • Investments driving sustainable and long-term growth

NKT Photonics is one of the fastest growing and most innovative photonics companies globally, with an impressive 20% of revenue allocated to R&D. Their majority of products are now in the late stage of commercialization.

The company thrives on the talent and creativity of its employees, who collectively have positioned NKT Photonics as a leader in the field.

To support them on their continuously journey, we are looking for an experienced Electronics Engineer with a solid analog electronics background to design and develop electronics, for state-of-the-art industrial and scientific laser products.

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The Senior Electronic Engineer role

The senior electronic engineer will be working with the NKT Photonics’ products SuperK (supercontinuum white light laser) and Koheras (single-frequency fiber laser) which covers electronics control power, modulation, and stability. The products contribute to precision in applications from spectroscopy to metrology, highlighting the role of advanced electronics in enhancing laser performance and reliability.

Here are link’s to SuperK and Koheras.

The tasks include updating existing products to new specifications, designing of new products, understanding production capabilities and focusing on designing innovative solutions to building effective products for our customers.

You will be joining a young dynamic team of 12 colleagues at a high technical level and together the team covers the areas of firmware, software, testing and electronics development

The different projects demand a proactive approach to cross-disciplinary collaboration and a commitment to excellence in all phases of product development.

Besides your team, you will also work with a wide range of other colleagues such as other Team leaders, the Engineering Team, our Production, Project Managers to Purchasing, Marketing and out Suppliers.

The Senior Electronics Engineer will report to Anders Resen, Team Leader, R&D System Integration.

Key tasks

  • Participate in design of and the development of new laser systems from initial concept through to manufacturing, ensuring innovative solutions that meet market needs.
  • Participate in incorporate customer requirements throughout the design lifecycle, ensuring products meet user needs and expectations.
  • Participate in prototyping and testing, e.g. build and test initial prototypes to verify that specifications are achieved, and ensure products comply with relevant safety and regulatory standards such as EMC against UL, CE, CA or similar.
  • Participate in documentation and compliance, e.g. take part the documentation and release of work through PLM/PDM systems, ensuring all designs meet safety and compliance standards.
  • Participate in the continuous improvement, e.g. actively seek and implement strategies to improve product design, production processes, and cost efficiency.
  • Participate in documentation for patent applications

Ideal candidate profile

  • Relevant Engineering degree, in Electronics or similar level of relevant experience.
  • Professional work experience in developing analog electronics, with a portfolio of successful projects.
  • Experienced with complex control technology and power / high speed electronics.
  • Detailed knowledge of state of the art electronic and software technologies.
  • Experience of working with external partners.
  • Experience documenting design and instructions.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, with experience optimizing designs for manufacturability.
  • High level of attention to detail and commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good teamwork skills, capable of working effectively with various engineering and project teams to achieve successful solutions.
  • Organizational skills to be able to work on multiple concurrent activities and manage time effectively.
  • English – both oral and written (English is used throughout the organization for daily communication).
  • Living in the Copenhagen area and have af valid work & resident permit for Denmark

What NKT Photonics Offer

NKT Photonics is offering an interesting and vibrant position in an experienced team, who values teamwork and close collaboration. You will join a creative and dynamic organization very experimental in their technological approach, not afraid to challenge each other’s point of views often leading to bold or even radical decisions being taken for a better solution.

The work culture is often a “build as we go” culture and, in many ways, fostering a “out-of-the-box” development mindset, however still in an organized company framework. In other words, stretching creativity to the limit and beyond is important to make groundbreaking solutions.

NKT Photonics foster a culture of innovation, encouraging everyone to delve into their unique areas of interest. These specialties may range from coffee brewing, home automation, and knitting to astronomy and culinary arts. What unites everyone is a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in their respective interests.

NKT Photonics embrace a working culture in which a healthy work-life balance is encouraged, invest in both facilities and growing their talented teams, by provides a great place to work with good people and exciting, and industry-leading products.

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How to come into consideration

Please contact: Partner Anne Borgen mail: or phone +45 61 69 01 01 or Associate Recruitment Partner Bettina Bakhauge, mail: or phone +45 29 68 46 89 for more information.

You can apply for the position using this link.

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