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About Impero A/S

Impero A/S, a rapidly growing SaaS company, is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to take responsibility for Impero’s platform solutions, helping customers streamline their activities within risk and internal control management.

Impero is a successful and ambitious scale-up SaaS company listed on Nasdaq First North in Copenhagen, providing an easy-to-use compliance management platform for larger organizations. Impero is all about increasing trust and transparency by enabling solid processes for tax and finance compliance and, to an increasing degree, in the ESG area.

Established in 2013 by Danish entrepreneurs and former auditors, Impero’s founders envisioned a platform to digitize and streamline the intricate processes of risk and control management – a challenge faced by companies and institutions across the globe.

Impero’s customer base comprises more than 150 companies headquartered in 10 countries, with users in +80 countries, including many large, blue-chip customers such as Volkswagen Group, Siemens AG, Mærsk, and many more. Impero serves approx. 25% of the OMX C25 companies in Denmark and 10 of the Company’s customers are Fortune 2000 companies. In addition, Impero has proven applicable in both private and public organizations, domestically and internationally.

Impero continues an ambitious growth strategy and has delivered a compounded annual growth rate well above 40% over the past five years, with a set ambition to continue high-paced growth going forward. Your contribution is essential to accelerating our growth.

For the new CTO, the role is to play a vital role in further developing Impero’s platform and organization to support tapping into the vast growth potential in the GRC market.

Since 2021, Impero has been a publicly listed company on Nasdaq First Growth Market, with offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Hamburg and a dedicated team of approx. 40 members, with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of 28M DKK by the end of Q3-2023 with high growth, low churn, and impressive upsell to existing customers.

Impero’s Go-To-Market strategy revolves around a Partner-driven approach, empowering businesses in their compliance initiatives. Their partnership with Big4 (the leading global audit and consulting companies) proves the platform’s value. Furthermore, high net retention rates and a rapidly growing user base support the future value of any new customer.


Impero’s organizational culture is built on transparency, trust, and integrity, fostering innovation in a flat, decentralized tech environment. Impero prioritizes an informal, enjoyable, hardworking atmosphere that encourages individual excellence.

The CTO will report directly to the CEO and be a part of the management team. The candidate will initially lead a team of 15 employees and take responsibility for the entire product development suite, including product management, UX, architecture, quality, development, operations, and security. The distributed team with remote team members in Germany and France meets up to 3-4 times annually for training sessions and conferences.

Expanding the team and designing the organization to meet future growth ambitions will be the responsibility of the new CTO. Already in 2024, there is a set budget for expanding the team. While the company maintains a solid foundation to accelerate growth, Impero continues to balance cash burn with the ability to generate new ARR and has the opportunity to become cash flow positive based on current funding.

Location: Copenhagen, DK, where the company’s management team is.

Travel: Aarhus regularly and occasionally to customer and company events.


From the outset, Impero’s mission has been to develop an intuitive platform that simplifies companies’ governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) endeavours. The platform is primarily utilized to address compliance requirements by auditors and regulatory bodies such as tax authorities and financial supervisory authorities and delivers robust documentation and reporting capabilities that align with the most stringent regulatory standards. Used for risk management, control management, reporting, and documentation by some of the world’s largest organizations, the product market fit is well-proven.


The Impero platform is continuously being developed with a high degree of integrity and safety in mind, which is regularly supported by tests and certifications, and the platform adheres to strict security standards, including a geo-redundant backup system with multi-region restoration of data.

Going forward, the development initiatives include expansion into a wider range of compliance processes, more integrations with other parts of the compliance ecosystem (ERP systems, reporting solutions, etc.), increased focus on leveraging AI in development initiatives, and the development of more standard content in collaboration with partners.

Tech stack

Impero’s product is a valuable tool for large global companies and SMVs, as it streamlines and improves processes. Amongst customers, the platform is highly regarded within finance and tax compliance with risk assessment and compliance system mapping to implement necessary controls and improve routines.

The technology is mature and robust, with a strong market fit and purpose. For the coming 2-3 years, there is some groundwork for improved scalability, including seamlessly merging two tech stacks, while simultaneously developing new features supporting current and potential customers’ platform use.

The long-term strategy involves systematically addressing the increasing complexity of compliance through incremental automation steps rather than implementing sweeping changes. This will be a step-by-step approach, gradually introducing automation solutions that align with evolving industry standards and customer needs.

Some of the key challenges:

  • Creating a united, strong, agile culture across product and development areas and the commercial team.
  • Prioritizing and balancing various areas of importance to the product and development team and ensuring that decisions are made on a well-informed basis quickly and efficiently.
  • Recognizing the platform’s potential, envisioning it as a powerful tool for automating compliance processes.
  • Align front-end and back-end development efforts for synergy and enhanced front-end experience.
  • Streamlining release processes is a priority, ensuring faster and more reliable updates.

Tech Stack Overview:

  • Backend: The legacy tech stack utilizes C#, while the new tech stack utilizes Rust.
  • Frontend: Employs TypeScript and React for a modern user interface.
  • Database: Relies on PostgreSQL for data management.
  • Cloud Hosting: Runs on the MS Azure platform.
  • CI/ID: GitHub is used for version control and GitHub Actions is used as the CI/CD platform.

CTO role

The new CTO will get the opportunity to shape the future composition of a scale-up tech team and will play an important role in expanding Impero’s offerings. The role provides an experienced SaaS-tech CTO with a strong opportunity to make a visible difference in a successful organization with global ambitions. The right candidate is eager to play an important entrepreneurial role in the next stage of business development as the company will scale and expand even more rapidly than they have up until now.

The CTO will provide strategic direction and visionary leadership, ensuring a technology platform for scaling the business, realizing product potential, and ensuring scalability and security.

The CTO is expected to implement changes that can enhance the product and its delivery, driving continuous organizational improvement and showing good change management and leadership skills. A commitment to prioritizing quality and security is key in the role.

Impero is scaling at a rapid pace and needs to strengthen and develop the technology team with an agile mindset and the drive to develop Impero’s product and tech organization to the next level.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Advise and liaise with executive management on business growth opportunities, including expanding functionalities and ensuring Impero’s SaaS business model is technologically competitive and scalable.
  • Lead and drive product vision and innovation, orchestrating cross-functional collaboration to shape the future of Impero’s SaaS offering, focusing on technical and product aspects.
  • Manage and lead engineering teams, prioritize quality and security, and make informed decisions while maintaining a positive and collaborative culture.
  • Strategically advancing product enhancements in response to valuable customer feedback and aligning them with broader management objectives.

Key Success Factors

  • Set and enable the right organisation and competencies.
  • Ensuring a scalable and adaptable tech stack for future growth.
  • Develop future product roadmap evolving with customer needs.
  • Cultivate and explore new technologies.

Ideal candidate

Ideally, the candidate has a proven track record of successfully scaling a SaaS platform for growth. The candidate brings a valuable blend of technical expertise and visionary thinking.

This unique skill set is complemented by strong people management abilities and transformational leadership qualities, essential for Impero’s continued development.

An ideal background could include some of these elements:

  • CTO leadership and people management background.
  • Product knowledge and understanding beyond coding expertise, envisioning the future of the product.
  • Interested in Risk and Controls management to facilitate the product’s future development.
  • Experience integrating various enterprise systems such as SAP and providing customer guidance.
  • Experience in engaging effectively and communicating with customers.
  • Experience managing remote teams.
  • Quality-orientated; equally prioritizing good coding practices, security, and speed.
  • Collaborative leadership skills and effectively leading and motivating engineering teams to embark on the journey ahead.
  • Structured, analytical, pragmatic, agile mindset.
  • Ability to be a “big picture” thinker and tactically focused.
  • Ability to assess quickly, make informed decisions, and implement solutions.
  • Positive mindset, good sense of humour, curious and open.
  • A relevant master’s degree in engineering and/or IT.
  • Fluency in English, both verbal and written.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive organizational priorities effectively.

What Impero can offer

Joining Impero, you will:

  • Join a highly successful SaaS company where the product is essential to the market and has a large potential.
  • Have opportunity to contribute to both technology and product development as well as the overall strategic direction of the organization.
  • Join a customer-obsessed organization committed to excellence in its products and services.
  • Enjoy a flat organization, where your influence and the ability to drive change are highly valued and necessary for the company.
  • Be offered an attractive remuneration package, including warrants.
  • Get the opportunity to shape a scale-up tech team and further develop the platform to support the rapidly growing business.
  • Be part of a caring and fun workplace with ample opportunity to influence the company’s future.

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How to come into consideration

Please contact Partner Anne Borgen at or Partner Christian Rolin by mail at for more information.

You can apply for the position using this link.

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