When you are selected as a candidate


A developing process

We believe that as a candidate you should have basic insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your future manager.

We believe that as a candidate you will benefit from knowing your personality match with your manager and your closest colleagues and your odds for a good working relationship.

Therefore, we ask the hiring manager and the future closest colleagues to complete a personality and team profile in order to provide attention to the team balance.

We believe that you as a candidate are entitled to qualified feedback about your future career and your positioning. Therefore you will get constructive feedback on your resume, your positioning, ability to make an impression and your personal value proposition. We aim at making you the best possible candidate also for future positions.

As a candidate you will experience

We kindly ask you to prepare case examples explaining what ‘solution’ you are to company’s challenge. This preparation makes your performance even better and creates the grounds for a successful interview with the company. You will also be better prepared for any further case preparations later in the process.

We give you thorough insight into the position and the company’s strategic challenges and ensure that you match up against the manager’s personality and professional profile.

Register your CV

You can register your CV in out CV database by clicking here.

If you already registered your CV, you can edit it by clicking here.

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