What is Peoplement

About Peoplement

Peoplement offers executive search and recruitment of strong executives and key specialists  primarily within management, sales, digital, marketing, product management, supply chain, R&D, HR and IT. Peoplement is industry-independent, and by being so we contribute with knowledge from different sectors in the search for candidates with a particular set of skills and transferable experience from one sector to another.

Our partners hold diverse backgrounds in management, HR, Marketing providing us with a solid organisational and business understanding.  You will work with a partner consultant who runs the search processes with minimal use of researchers to ensure accountability, speed and quality the whole way . We offer our search both locally and internationally also attracting  talent to Denmark.

We are curious, passionate and methodically in our work. You will benefit from having clear expectations from the start and internal alignment within your organisation. We involve managers and key stakeholders in a 360 degree input process about the role and requirements. We want to be your good ambassadors. We assess the candidate’s ability to contribute to good team performance as well as their ability to contribute as an individual.


  • Peoplement p/s
    Strandvejen 100, 2900 Hellerup
    CVR-nr.: 41 58 65 83

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