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Our client

Bühler Denmark A/S serves as the Nordic hub for the Bühler Group, housing both the Business Unit Biscuit, which is part of the Grains & Food Division and the Nordic Service & Sales team, which is part of the Global SAS organization.

Bühler Group owns its global network of manufacturing sites and operates worldwide with its own sales companies and assembly sites in Europe, the Far East, and South America. In 2022, around 12,700 employees in over 140 countries generated a turnover of CHF 3.0 billion. As a globally active Swiss family-owned company, it is particularly committed to sustainability.

Every day, billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility. Bühler strives for innovations for a better world, focusing on healthy, safe, and sustainable solutions. They contribute significantly to feeding the world’s population while setting the focus on food security and safety. Their solutions and technologies enable efficient and clean mobility.

The headquarters of Bühler Denmark A/S, located in Skovlunde, employs approximately 130 members of the Nordic Service & Sales team and the Biscuit Business Unit. Besides the Service and Sales and support functions for both organizations, it is particularly engineering-focused for the Biscuit Business Unit, featuring an Application Center where customers can conduct trials and testing of new baking machinery.

The Rødkærsbro facility is manufacturing-oriented, with about 70 employees dedicated to the Biscuit Business Unit.

In addition to these locations, the Biscuit Business Unit employs roughly 50 staff members across the Netherlands, Austria, India, and China. These employees are typically integrated into the local Bühler organization as well. The Nordic Service & Sales team is currently transitioning from Malmö to Skovlunde. Once complete, a few employees will still be based in Sweden and Finland.

The HR department

The HR Department handles a diverse range of tasks in the HR function in Skovlunde and includes the Head of HR and Operations, 2 HR Business Partners, and 2 HR Student Assistants. An external partner provides the payroll service, but HR supplies all inputs to it. The HR department is being developed with general processes and structures to align with Bühler Group’s standards and tools.

The department handles a mix of administrative and development tasks, such as recruitment, HR processes, performance management systems, and APV, alongside coaching for leadership development. The HR Business Partners build on their strengths and interest areas to support each other and overlap in some areas as they handle the entire employee life cycle management, from talent acquisition to exit.

We support an organization with a good mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers who require different HR support. We also support employees working on global projects and employees on short—or long-term assignments in or out of Denmark.

As we are part of the global Bühler organization and operating within a matrix structure, we are increasingly maturing and integrating into Bühler’s processes to ensure global alignment on HR.

You will report to the Head of HR & Operation, Annette Steenberg.

You will be working from our office in Skovlunde and support Rødkærsbro also.

The role

You will be able to shape and develop the position as our new HR Business Partner as we mature our team.

You will be involved with the whole employee lifecycle, and we expect some of your focus areas to be performance management, leadership development, and recruitment depending on your background.

You will be responsible for a pool of managers and employees and provide guidance and support in HR matters. Maintaining close communication with various managers across the organization will be key. Additionally, you will take on responsibilities for cross-functional tasks such as leadership development and Employee Engagement Surveys, ensuring these are properly implemented with follow-up and KPIs.


The HR Business Partner is responsible for:

  • Handling the entire employee life cycle.
  • Facilitating leadership development and coaching.
  • Performance management process (engagements surveys, APV survey in Rødkærsbro).
  • Follow-up actions based on KPI figures such as sickness, absence, and employee retention.
  • Competence assessment and mapping, gap analyses for job roles.
  • Assisting in recruitment processes and liaising with group contacts.
  • Conducting general HR activities and administration.
  • Standardizing terms and conditions for all employees.
  • Transitioning various HQ processes, including recruitment process and Success Factors.

Ideal candidate profile

The ideal candidate would want to be part of a smaller organisation in Skovlunde, where you can establish a strong and trustworthy relationship around the organisation, working with many nationalities.

The ideal candidate would want to be part of a department that is building processes and cleaning up data. You need to enjoy working with people worldwide and establish a strong and trustworthy relationship with the organization. As the entity is part of a matrix organization, you can also engage and share best practices with a larger, international HR organization.

No two days are the same, and the tasks will vary from standard everyday tasks (contracts, addendums, etc.) to implementing new systems to legal cases.
We are in a transformative and very exciting period within our HR Department, and you will be able to help shape how the department functions going forward.

To summarize:

  • A relevant educational background – your experience matters the most.
  • A practical rather than theoretical approach to HR.
  • Broad HR Partner experience from a production/RD environment.
  • Experience with Danish labor law and possibly also technical trade union (Dansk Industri).
  • Good understanding of performance management systems and processes.
  • Good experience with leadership development (not a specialist level).
  • Experience from a matrix organisation and global HR practices.
  • Good understanding of a production environment when it comes to HR support.


  • Takes responsibility and works independently.
  • Service-minded with a multicultural mindset and strong communication and coaching skills.
  • Analytical, structured, yet pragmatic approach.
  • Hands-on mentality with strong implementation skills.
  • High degree of self-organization and willingness to be part of an HR team.
  • Fluency in English, both written and verbal.

Why you should join Bühler Denmark/Bühler Group

You will be part of the Bühler Denmark / Bühler Group.

  • Flexible working time.
  • Contribute your expertise and know-how to building a solid local HR team and be part of a more extensive setup with global projects among various sites.
  • Become part of the HR Team, influence and shape how we work.
  • Committed colleagues in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.
  • Be part of the Bühler Spirit.

For more information

For more information, please contact Partner Anne Borgen at or +45 61 69 01 01 or Partner Christian Rolin at or telephone at +45 22 16 27 15.

You can apply for the position using this link.

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