BLUETOWN is looking for a Global IT/Network Operations Director

BLUETOWN is a global Internet and content service provider founded with a mission of connecting the unconnected to the Internet in developing countries where Internet access is typically non-existing in rural areas. They provide Internet connectivity by combining new business models with innovative technological knowledge – turning them into sustainable and affordable solutions based on partnerships with content providers and local hotspots. BLUETOWN is unique in their business model trying to accomplish solutions that will provide connectivity for the 46% of the global population who presently do not have access to the Internet. Join the team and help close the gap!


BLUETOWN is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with local offices in India, Ghana, and Silicon Valley, USA and aim to expand their activities across South Asia, Africa, and Latin America in the coming years, connecting millions of people to the Internet – many for the very first time. The organization consists of total 110 employees. 22 employees in Denmark, 1 employee in USA, 40 in India, and 47 in Ghana.

Motivated by their mission to connect the unconnected BLUETOWN is looking for a Global IT/Network Operations Director. You need to be both technically experienced in networks, IT infrastructure and IT processes and have worked with people in various locations and from different cultures. Capable of applying your knowledge to shape BLUETOWN’s business model to prove it sustainable.

BLUETOWN has already proven the business models in certain areas and countries and is working towards platform 2.0. You will help mature the solutions and contribute to the ambitious growth strategy in some of the world’s fastest growing, but also challenging markets and demanding physical environments for connectivity solutions. By joining BLUETOWN your work will contribute to help people in low-income areas worldwide get connected to the Internet and thereby provide access to today’s most powerful tool for change.

The Operations Team

BLUETOWN offers a great opportunity for developing and leading IT/Network Operations in the flux between fast growing engineering startup and a steady state service delivery machine. You will use your skills, experience, and personality to lead and guide the organization forward with your virtual team. Thus, you will not have employees in direct reference. Country Managers across the world will manage their local teams, but they will be part of the global virtual team where you will be responsible for the overall delivery of operations services with the help from the members of these teams and from vendor partners across the globe (‘implementation muscles’ in low-cost regions, mainly within Europe, technology domain experts, cloud application backends and edge hosted, locally accessible services). As we onboard more partners we will need to structure and secure IT/Network Operations into a strong, reliable service to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Global NOC is located in India with engineers mainly in Ghana and India for now. The teams are new to ITIL process understanding and use.

You will report to COO Carsten Brønd and will act as a close sparring partner and drive forward the planning of the Operations roadmap with a commercial service delivery focus and development of the business. You will participate in strategy planning of all technical operational aspects and operations of BLUETOWN and work closely with the R&D Director, the Commercial team and local teams in India and Ghana.

The Role

We are looking for candidates with potential and for someone with the right combination of skills and experience for this role. Most important is your understanding of IT/Network Operations, your ability to lead teams remote and ensure continuous development of the IT process (ITIL based). It is an advantage if you have worked with partners as we have a large network involved in our business. Among these are key tech partners like Microsoft and other US tech giants, as well as key HW and SW suppliers from different parts of the world. You excel in working on both operational and strategic level with the ability to make a fast context switch in a dynamic working environment and can drive changes in an organization covering a large geographically area.

Your Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all global network operations and service delivery.
  • Global datacenter and application management and operations.
  • Overall network/services performance.
  • Overall network/IT security.
  • Global network monitoring and related processes.
  • Continued improvement and development of global processes and tools

Your background

  • 5-10 years’ experience from similar operations position in an ISP, Telco, or IT company.
  • Solid experience with global operations of networks, IT and service delivery.
  • Experience with Internet backhaul network topology and design are an advantage.
  • Solid experience in releasing, testing and application management.
  • Solid experience in operations and maintenance of datacenters in the cloud. AWS, Azure.
  • Solid experience with cloud solutions in general.
  • Experience with DevOps is an advantage.
  • Solid experience with developing efficient ITIL process organizations.
  • Experience with coaching multicultural IT operations, people, and organizations.
  • A pragmatic business approach to prioritize issues in a developing organization.
  • Experienced with defining and executing projects to ensure strategy and daily operations through life cycle monitoring, relevant architecture design and process initiatives.
  • Develop policies and ensure quality.
  • Combine your theoretical background within IT with leadership experience.
  • Ambitious and with a continuous improvement mindse.
  • Creating results through people, structure and design is natural for you.
  • Previous experience with project and program management is a plus.

The working location will be BLUETOWN headquarter in Copenhagen.

Expect travel time to be 40-50 days per year (post corona) in various parts of the world.

How to be considered

If you are interested in the position, please follow this link. We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis. Your application will of course be handled confidentially.

For further information, please contact Partner @ Peoplement Search – Christian Rolin, mobile: +45 22 16 27 15,

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