Our Client:

Known as exceptional for designing building, distributing and servicing state of the art cleaning machinery for the agricultural market, our client is a business combining outstanding specialist expertise with a highly entrepreneurial spirit and well defined and effective decision making.  Growing by creating new and more effective solutions and incrementally adding to areas of core expertise, our client creates seed treatment solutions based on current and anticipated agricultural industry and seed manufacturing requirements.

This is a successful business with a reputation for leadership in their various disciplines. They employ a combination of exceptional intellectual capital, great customer and client relationships and unparalleled integrity in how they do business.

The Company’s distinctive management style is a key to its success. Without sacrificing risk control and excellence in governance, they empower individual contribution through a balance of operating freedom and observance of professional standards. It is designed to be non-hierarchical and encourages a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial endeavor across the business.  The environment is highly energized by the opportunities created for organizational, team and individual success.

This firm operates in an exceptionally transparent environment: a robust risk management culture and transparent management reporting contribute to their success. They have a superb history of successfully launching new initiatives by leveraging existing competencies and proven procedures with various customers and distribution partners.

The sales professional we are seeking will be focused on the USA and to some extent more broadly in the Americas, sourcing new business opportunities for currently available and in the pipeline machinery offering continuously more solutions with adaptability and flexibility for the agricultural community.

Our client has a well-respected presence in their businesses with outstanding relationships with existing clients/customers.
There is a well-regarded team covering all aspects of the business who provide support for this role.


Defining Our Client:

  • Global in vision and capability.
  • Defined by their values – Integrity, Collegiality, Socially and Environmentally Responsible.
  • Working in partnership with each other and their clients to be “best in class”.
  • World class products.
  • Strong technical knowledge.


The Opportunity:

While this role has a broad remit, some key responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Assessing and evaluating all current activities to develop initiatives which will enhance the performance of the current sales pipeline (including distributors) and planning for further expansion and growth.
  • Being part of building brand awareness for the firm as an innovative, capable and reliable partner.
  • Being part of developing a culture of selling the brand (internally and externally) which is understood and valued by colleagues, partners and clients.
  • Providing insight for the team in investigating, researching, and developing initiatives to grow new and existing products and customers.
  • You will be responsible for partner sales, direct sales, laboratories / test equipment and the leads coming from Europe.
  • Participating with other leaders, team and advisors in in developing competitor market intelligence for planning for product development.

You will report the Country Manager Bo Borne Jørgensen, who also are the CEO of Westrup, he is located in Denmark but will regularly be in USA.


Our Ideal candidate:

A proven sales person and possibly sales leader who is exceptionally expert in all aspects of seed production and treatment.  Credible candidates will have an unblemished track record of accomplishing successful and profitable business development.  Ideally, our prospective candidate will be working for and with a well-respected, well known competitor.  The ideal candidate should today be successful in a similarly complex role.

The candidate should have a 7-10+ year history of developing excellent personal relationships with all classes of seed machinery users and purchasers.

Strong relationship management, communications and interpersonal skills are required.  A persuasive, professional manner is expected.  A balanced approach to building consensus is sought – this is not an environment for either conflict avoidance or combative behavior. Strong spoken and written English skills are required and fluency with Spanish or Portuguese is desirable.

This is a very hand on role and proven success in personally accomplishing the significant aspects of this role is required.

Working at this level involves periods of intense effort, which often produce emotional highs and lows.  An effective leader must be highly adaptable and able to manage under pressure while maintaining a high level of professional composure, thereby setting a tone for the organization for similar behavior under stress.

Experience with partner sales and creation of long term relationships.



A Bachelor’s degree from a well-respected University or College is highly preferred



The successful professional will receive a competitive base salary, an attractive, results-based bonus or commission and a full suite of competitive benefits are provided.
Businesses expenses and relocation assistance may be provided.


For more information and contact

Contact Senior Partner Peoplement Christian Rolin
rolin@peoplement.dk +45 2216 2715, for more information.